Telegram bot to delete all messages in one Click

If you are searching for Telegram bot to delete all messages of Telegram channel or group in one click then you are at right place. there are many Telegram bot to delete all messages of Telegram but we have added best and genuine Telegram bot to delete all messages of Telegram. we will use Delall bot here to delete all the messages at once from telegram channel or telegram group. Telegram is a popular social messaging app which focuses on privacy and security of users with advanced features.

Delall bot is very easy to use, as you just have to add it on your Telegram channel or group as admin then send just command to the delete all messages of telegram channel or group which gives user friendly experience and thanks to Telegram for clean user interface, but in any project there is always space available for improvement so let’s wait and see will Delall get any major changes in future to make it even better as of now it’s nice

Telegram bot to delete all messages of Telegram

You can use this bot in any adult telegram channel or adult telegram group to delete all messages at once. follow below steps to delete all the messages. Make sure to set username in Telegram to get more of the features of telegram.

1) Open your Telegram channel or group from where you want to delete all messages then tap on it’s name.

2) Tap on Administrators

3) Tap on Add Admin

4) Search  Delall bot and tap on that one which has access to messages.

5) Give all the permission to the bot so that it can delete all message of telegram channel.

6) Once bot added, open your telegram channel / group then simply send /delall command to delete all messages in one click.

Note : Telegram won’t take responsibility on un-official bots as they were created by third party developers using Telegram bot public API, so there is data theft risk even if un-official bot ensure you safety of your personal data still you can’t trust it, so we are not responsible for any personal and financial losses occurred to you by using Delall bot

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